PRESS RELEASE: President Uhuru has defaulted in 2018 Minimum Wage Increase promise to workers


Kenyan workers undergoing high cost of living hardships due to lean purchasing power should direct their indignation at an unfulfilled promise for Minimum Wage Increase by the President.

Kenyans underwent a punitive 2018 caused by government instigated and painful increases in the cost of living. As the government imposed extra and increased taxes, and shrunk the money market in order to raise funds to pay debts, disposable incomes among workers shrunk proportionate to their incomes. It appears unlikely that most families will afford basic commodities this year too.

This has been worse for ordinary “white Collar” workers who expected redemption through an increase in minimum wage because the government-instigated economic slump ensured that employers froze pay increases for most employees.

It is however the government’s responsibility to cushion employees with an annual Minimum Wage Increase. It is therefore astonishing that while President Uhuru Kenyatta announced a 5% Minimum Wage Increase on last year Labour Day for workers, the directive has not been implemented to date.

For a presidential directive to have been ignored for almost a year speaks volumes about a dysfunctional government that cares little about the well being of its people. How can such a critical function of government be disregarded for a whole year? This can only mean either the announced increment was a hoax or that the directive was sabotaged. Either way, it puts egg on the president’s face.

I, therefore, call upon the President to make good his directive by ensuring the Minimum Wage increase order is immediately implemented with arrears and accrued interest backdated to May 2018 to compensate workers for the loss of purchasing power. In the meantime, officers responsible for the damage must face disciplinary action.

Hon. Musalia Mudavadi, BGH,
ANC Party Leader and NASA Founder