1. It has come to our attention and understanding that in the afternoon of Thursday 31 January 2019, a number of people working, or present, at a construction site on the property of the ANC Party Leader, Hon. Musalia Mudavadi, BGH, in Karen Nairobi are alleged to have partaken of, or voluntarily ingested, or administered upon themselves food, or some other substances that did not agree with their systems.
  2. At the time of this incident and the subsequent happenings, Hon. Mudavadi was out of the country. He left Nairobi on Wednesday 30 January for an overseas trip. He remains out of the country at the time of this public communication. The time zone differences between Kenya and his current address put together with the protocol necessities for gathering the facts, authenticating them and sharing the details have invariably slowed public communication in this matter.
  3. It is important to underscore the fact that the incident took place on a site that is presently still in the hands of the contracted constructor. The persons involved in these happenings are either employee of the contractor, or their associates. The site is not the home, or residence, of Hon. Mudavadi.
  4. When the construction work is complete, the contractor is expected to hand over the site to Hon. Mudavadi, with the attendant certificate of satisfactory completion of work, in line with professional standards and procedures of handing over professional contracted construction.
  5. The information we have either received or gleaned, from the parties closer to the happenings of that afternoon and subsequently is as laid out in the following paragraphs.
  6. At about 1.00 p.m. on Thursday 31 January, a Mr. Geoffrey Mutai and a Mr. Edmond Ekesa arrived at the site with several bottles containing an unspecified liquid substance or a concoction of substances in liquid form. They are said to have claimed that the liquid had certain beneficial potential, or potentials. The two of them and a number of others at the site orally and voluntarily administered the liquid upon themselves.
  7. According to information we have obtained, the impact of the substances in the liquid was adverse and instant. Those who had ingested the liquid began complaining of serious abdominal pains. They were rushed to hospital by some of the people who were present.
  8. It is regrettable that casualties have since been reported. Four survivals and discharges from hospital have also been reported. Geoffrey Mutai is reported to have passed on at the Karen Hospital, Mr. Edmond Ekesa succumbed at a hospital called St. Odillia’ s, in Karen. One Nicholas, a driver, passed on at St. Mary’ s Hospital in Lang’ata .
  9. Another four of the people in this incident attended St. Mary’ s Hospital and afterward Kenyatta National Hospital. They are Edwin Kivale, Lewis Otieno, Hilary Tunoi and a Mr. Patrick. All the four have since been treated and discharged, according to police sources.
  10. The Kenya Police also report that they are in possession of the remnants of the substances that these people administered upon themselves. They also report that a Mr. Robert Kibet, ‘who was present at the time of the ingestion of the liquid substance, has since recorded a statement at the Keren Police Station.
  11. This statement is made on behalf of Hon. Mudavadi who, as we have said, is out of the country at the moment and is set to be away for the next few days. Hon. Mudavadi and his family deeply regret these very unfortunate and tragic happenings. He urges the Kenya Police to get to the heart of what exactly happened. He wishes to condole with families that have been bereaved in this matter, and their friends, too. He will lend whatever support is possible, to alleviate the emotional, moral and other associated pains and challenges to the affected families in the rest of the processes.
  12. As we come to terms with this tragic reality, the Mudavadi family appeals to all of us to be humane and sensitive to the sensibilities of the tragic loss of life. The need to be measured in our public discourses on matters of loss of life could not possibly be overemphasized. May God rest those who have passed on in eternal peace. We wish the rest quick and full recovery. Amen.

Barrack Okwaro Muluka