Hon Petronila Lokorio Were

Hon. Petronila Lokorio Were

Nominated Senator.


Hon. Petronila has a wealth of experience on management affairs. She has actively engaged the Senate and provided solutions to national questions bedeviling the country on Vertical Revenue Allocation.


She has served in several committees; Senate Business Committee, Health Committee, Labor & Social Welfare, Energy and Information, Communication & Technology [ICT] committee.


She has sponsored several pieces of legislation; The Oce of the County Printer Act, the Commission on Administrative Justice [Amendment] Bill 2019.


In her name, has sought several questions regarding matters public; for instance, on 10th October 2017 she inquired on the issue of the continued strike of nurses in public hospitals. On 17th November 2020, she inquired on the ecacy of the Integrated Financial Management Information System [IFMIS] and its application in the disbursement of funds to counties among others.


She has filled the following motions; on the Establishment of the Oce of CAJ and County Level. Also in her name—amendment proposal on the Third Generation Formulae for Revenue Allocation among the County Governments.