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Security is ANC’s Top Priority


The government should allow UN Security Council to take over the issue of Somali following the recent attack on KDF soldiers that left scores killed by Al Shabaab, according to Amani National Congress party.

Godfrey Osotsi, the secretary of the ANC party, said that the crisis in Somali has become a huge international concern and that the government should take it to the UN Security Council.

Also on matter of …

At the Heart of ANC are Women


ANC believes in empowering women to participate in its affairs. It has setup a ANC women representation arm to ensure that more and more women get opportunities to participate in the running ot the party. Hence the meeting by women leaders

ANC Policy seeks and places deeper emphasis to the empowerment of women to participate in leadership and to benefit from sustainable community development. The policy aims to ensure that, …

Reenergizing the Youth League


We, the ANC Interim Youth Leaders from a Tour the Country met here at our Party Headquarters today Wednesday 08 August 2018, under the aegis of our Party and the Centre for Multiparty Democracy in Kenya (CMD).

The purpose of the meeting was to explore ways and means of reenergizing the Youth League and how we, the young people, can engage more constructively in decision making in our Party and …

President Should dissolve government over budgetary impasse


The current Budget crisis is self-inflicted by Jubilee government due to lack of fiscal discipline.

Given the escalating stalemate over the budget and taxation, President Uhuru Kenyatta ought to think out of the box. In situations of paralysis like this, governments resign or dissolve.

Uhuru Kenyatta should dissolve his current crisis ridden government to reconstitute and re-engineer it anew to regain a foothold in Kenyans’ confidence.

The lack of confidence …